Learn Bhangra Fitness

Let’s get those hearts pumping, those bodies shaking and minds stretching in our live stream workouts! Eternal Taal are bringing fitness and wellbeing to the next level with music that’s going to have you singing and dancing all day!

Whether you want better fitness, improved dance moves or just want some fun during the lockdown period our live streamed workshops is where to be.

We have classes to offer everyone, anywhere in the world, starting from ages 4+, you can move at your own pace, stretch your limits or simply tune in and nod to the sounds of the music elevating through your screens and speakers from anywhere in the world!

Bhangra can help sweat out those old habits and heaviness, when the dhol drummers start playing their dhol’s it becomes inevitable to start moving those shoulders up and down and there you have it, your workout has already started.

Bhangra traditionally originated in the Northern regions of India, to celebrate the harvest that now embraces western dance and contemporary influences. Bhangra dancing has so many health benefits stemming from a cardio / HITT workout, it helps you burn calories, enhances heart function and increases stamina. Bhangra certainly finds a way to target areas of your body that you may not have realised it could.

So let’s shake off those lockdown frowns and move to the sounds of our everlasting beats.

Navigate through our website to find out more information or don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime!

Mehndi Female Dj

Eternal Taal offer professionally trained and experienced Male and Female DJ’s for all your English/Punjabi/Bollywood/Pakistani events. 

Our DJ’s professionally mix songs and use maintained CD’s which means no skips, jumps or pauses between tracks.

Eternal Taal will bring you a quality service with competitive prices and you won’t be disappointed.

Female DJ’s can be booked for your ladies only events accompanied by a Female Dhol player entertaining you throughout the night.

To find our more visit our website http://www.eternaltaal.com/djs/

Birmingham Music Awards 2019

8th May 2018


Having WON the ‘BEST ASIAN/WORLD ACT’ at the NON ASIAN BIRMINGHAM MUSIC AWARDS last year. We are delighted to announce that we are nominated AGAIN for this years award amongst some worldwide industry acts. The ONLY FEMALE artists in this category we can’t wait to perform at this event! WOW SECOND YEAR RUNNING LETS DO THIS!

School Music Workshops

Eternal Taal a Bhangra Entertainments Team from the West Midlands specialise in Indian Dhol Drumming and Bhangra Dancing. With over 20 years experience in the Indian music industry our team teach and perform Bhangra on a variety of platforms. Our previous work has included performing on the Glastonbury Festival, BBC, Channel Four, Channel Five, Bollywood and more. We have been teaching Indian Dhol Drumming for 20 years and go into various schools in the UK providing an in depth workshop which interacts with school children. We provide the instruments and our tutors are fully DBS Checked and trained teachers. To find out more and to book our services for your school or to keep us on your database for any enquiries you get please contact info@eternaltaal.com / 07709861128

School Music Workshops – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSMSCdtNbeY

You can see all our work via our website www.eternaltaal.com and follow us on social media platforms @eternaltaal


Channel 5 series – Jane Mcdonald and Friends

Eternal Taal female Dhol players and Bhangra dancers have always had a unique element about their success since they established in 1999. They not only promote Bhangra on a world wide scale, but highlight the importance of how one person with one dream can accomplish so much. With the continued hard work and innovative ideas of Parv Kaur, the founder; the team has been blessed with opportunities many only dream of. It was then inevitable, that Parv’s diligence would not go unnoticed.

It began when Parv’s 25 year journey in the Bhangra industry featured on BBC World News in 2017. The video went viral across the world, giving her further global exposure, but It didn’t stop there.

She continued to hold her head up high when her and her team were awarded ‘Best Asian/World Act’ at the Birmingham Music Awards 2018.

Already having shared the screen with some of the world’s most exclusive TV stars such as Graham Norton, Dermot O’Leary, Gurinder Chadha to name a few, Eternal Taal have now featured with Channel 5’s Jane McDonald.

‘Jane and Friends’ is a new TV series airing on Channel 5 and is being hosted by the singer, actress and media personality, Jane McDonald. Jane surprises original members of the public who have done good deeds for the community. Parv was approached by Channel 5 after expressing their delight with Eternal Taal’s work ethic and ethos, along with all that Parv has achieved at such a young age. Parv Kaur has broken barriers as the first female Dhol player in the UK to be performing non stop for 25 years. Not only has she established UK’s first female Dhol team, but she has taken the team on the worlds most high profile stages. She has been awarded:

–       ‘Contribution to Bhangra Music in the UK’ by the House of commons 2010

–       ‘Best Asian/World Act’ by the Birmingham Music Awards 2018

–       Ambassador of the Music Charity ‘Music for all’ and ‘World Bhangra Council’

–       Her and her team have also been nominated for various other awards like ‘Best Dhol Team’ ‘Young Entrepreneur’ ‘Best in Arts and Culture’ ‘Best Wedding Entertainment’ and many more.


Assuming it was a usual performance at Dhol class for TV, Parv didn’t think much of it. Little did she know that Jane was hiding in another room. She was astonished when Jane McDonald came bursting through the doors with her camera crew to congratulate Parv on her 25 year journey. The team were aware but Parv was oblivious.

Jane very quickly joined in with the teams atmosphere and even managed to play a little dhol and screw some light bulbs with the team. The BAFTA Award winning personality invited Eternal Taal to join her on the sets of ‘Jane and Friends’ in Manchester and awarded Parv with a cruise to Miami and the Caribbean for two. The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it is something they’d never forget.

Do check out our feature on Channel 5 and don’t forget to watch all the backstage footage on our YouTube channel: Eternal Taal


Ambassador – World Bhangra Council

The World Bhangra Council are proud to announce Parv Kaur as – UK Youth Ambassador for the WBC.
Parv Kaur is UK’s first ever-female Dhol Players who has been promoting and performing Bhangra Music since 1993. She established ‘Eternal Taal’ in 1999, a female Dhol Drumming and Dancing team that has strived to promote cultural diversity within their own and the wider community with participants from a range of ethnic backgrounds. Parv has been greatly inspired by her farther, ‘Balbir Singh’ of the legendary ‘Bhujhangy Group’ credited as the first band to start Bhangra Music in the UK back in 1967. He has been an
active member of the Bhangra industry for over 50 years and is also a Guinness World Record holder.
Throughout the 25 years of Parv’s own professional career, she has broke many barriers and confronted strong stereotypes within a male dominated industry. Some of her achievements throughout her illustrious career
‘Contribution to UK Bhangra Music’ – awarded by the House of Commons
‘Ambassador’ – chosen by a non-asian music charity ‘Music for All’
‘Master in Dhol Drums’ – chosen by the Black Country 100 masters
‘Inspirational Sikh Women’ – chosen by Sikh Channel and Sikh Network
Her Dhol Drumming Team perform on a regular basis and she also teaches Bhangra classes, dedicating nine hours a week to teach others the true art of Indian music. Her students are given amazing opportunities to perform with her on some of the worlds largest stages such as Glastonbury Festival, House of Commons, West End, Bollywood films, BBC World News, Channel Four documentaries, Graham Norton Christmas Show, Dubai Womens Run and many more high profile shows. For more info please follow the link: 2017 parv WBC 3www.eternaltaal.com

Female Asian Live Band

Eternal Taal are proud to introduce UK’s first Asian, Female drumming band to have released a percussions rendition of Diljit Dosanjh’s 2017 hit song, El Sueño.  An inspiring Dholki player – Parv Kaur, a vibrant Dhol Player – Sangeeta Kohli, a dexterous Tabla player – Leena Khagram and a resolute Drum kit player – Jaipreet Kaur have come together to create the first of many renditions for you all to enjoy. All four drummers have put an enormous amount of time, effort and love in perfecting their instruments and it was inevitable, that they’d come together some day as one. The sheer determination with which these young women steer ahead towards their goals, be assured, this is just the beginning of something new and exciting. We thoroughly hope you enjoy Eternal Taal’s Female Bands first rendition, expressing our love and appreciation for Diljit Dosanjh’s work.  Don’t forget to keep a look out for many more to come.


Ambassador – Music For All

We are so proud and honoured that our founder and manager Parv Kaur has been selected as an ambassador of ‘Music for all’.

At Music for all, it is believed that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to learn to play music. Sadly, many people are not fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments or ways to help them to learn and discover. This is where Music for all and Parv come in.

At Music for all, nearly all of us are musicians, involved in the musical instrument industry or both. So we really know first-hand what an amazing effect making music can have on people’s lives. We see everybody from disadvantaged young people blossoming at school through to older adults discovering music, sometimes for the first time, much later on in life.

Parv Kaur will be taking part in various events, encouraging diversity and getting the wider community involved in various musical projects with Music for all. Not only has she already promoted Bhangra music over the last 25 years but has also development a firm foundation in establishing her own music over the last 18 years. In a very male dominating industry like the Bhangra industry, Parv Kaur has really taken a leap into success with extending her passion worldwide on platforms like The Glastonbury Festival, The West End, House of Commons, Bollywood and much more. Being UK’s FIRST Female Dhol Player and introducing UK’s first Female Dhol Drumming Team, Eternal Taal, Parv has embarked on a musical journey growing her team from strength to strength. By getting her foot into the industry, Parv has paved the way for other females over the recent years and continues to be an inspiration for many.

We can’t wait to see more of what Parv Kaur can bring to the young generations and how she continues to promote music worldwide.


Please feel free to read more about it on https://musicforall.org.uk/

Dubai Women’s Run

Parv Kaur has been a name known in the UK Bhangra industry for the past 18 years. A young woman who began her musical journey in 1993, has made her mark in the UK as being the first female Dhol drummer. In 1999 she created a team that was the first of its kind – A female Dhol team, Eternal Taal. Consistently, with her dedication and diligence, Parv has built her team Eternal Taal from strength to strength, and it has not gone unnoticed. Her stellar achievements have been recognised by the likes of The House of Commons in 2010, Bollywood, Glastonbury Festival and continues to be recognised. She’s managed to accomplish all this alongside being a lecturer in computer science over the last 15 years and continues to achieve great success in her professional career too.

Recently, Parv Kaur featured on the BBC in a segment where they presented her 24 year musical journey to the world. This left her and her entire team extremely proud. The video has since gone viral and many articles have and continue to branch off from the video both from the UK and internationally.

Following on from this recent popularity, The Sikh Channel Aid have added to their happiness. Kaur has been carefully selected to be part of the 20 inspirational Sikh women to represent the UK for a run in Dubai. The Sikh Channel Aid raises funds for various humanitarian projects around the world, and this year have chosen Parv to help them. “I never go running. But when The Sikh Channel approached me I thought, why not? It’s for a great cause and I cannot wait to do my bit for charity. Eternal Taal did a sky dive for Khalsa Aid in 2013 and this is a great achievement to add to the list for the team” Parv added. It is an opportunity not many receive, and Parv is already tying her laces tight and training for her 5K run in Dubai on the 17th November 2017. Each Sikh woman taking part is encouraged to raise £1000 which will be donated to various humanitarian projects. Both Parv Kaur and Eternal Taal humbly request you all to donate whatever you can, however big or small the amount, for this brilliant project. Click on the link below and dig deep into those pockets. A sincere thank you in advance.



BBC News Feature

Watch our 18 YEAR journey being celebrated on such a PRESTIGIOUS platform – BBC WORLD NEWS! Since establishing her team ETERNAL TAAL in 1999, our dilligent #Founder and #Manager PARV KAUR has worked and continues to work hard endlessly to abolish the stereotypical cliché’s in an industry that is MALE DOMINATED. Many people have come and gone. Many have tried to bring us down and may continue to. Many have said we’ll never succeed and many refuse to acknowledge our success.. But in this dillusional world of HATE and JEALOUSY, they fail to see that these remarks only drive us to ACHIEVE MORE and BE BETTER. Whilst many are content with their repetitive performing platforms, Eternal Taal refuse to be stuck in that boring monotonous circle and strive to #PROMOTE BHANGRA MUSIC to WIDER AUDIENCES. Our dedication towards this has given us the likes of #BOLLYWOOD, #BBC, #CHANNEL4, GRAHAM NORTON SHOW and much more – And this is by no means where we’ll stop! Hear Parv’s STRUGGLES and how she has OVERCOME obstacles that not many persist to overcome in this segment dedicated to this SUCCESSFUL WOMAN & her SUCCESSFUL TEAM.