We provide a variety of Dhol services which will cater for any event whatever the occasion.  We have up to 15 drummers that can be booked at any one time for weddings, parties, processions, birthdays, stage performances, festivals, charity events, dinner and dances, wedding exhibitions, business promotion, band baja, DJ sets, opening ceremonies and many more.

Dhol playing is a male dominated instrument but we have professional female Drummers also available for any event wherever the location.

We have various packages which will enable you to have a more fixed booking at various prices.

For example on wedding bookings we can:-

–  Introducing the Jaggo
–  Play at the Groom’s house in the morning (Band Baja can
be also booked)
–  Walk the Groom from his car to the temple
–  Walk the Bride and Groom into Hall
–  Provide a full Dhol routine at the hall
–  Take the Groom and Barat to the Brides house

We have many more packages available at affordable prices.

Please contact us and receive a quote for your event.

Eternal Taal are also recruiting new students to join the Eternal Taal Dhol Team.  With beginners, intermediate and advanced classes already set up, new members can adjust into their own capability without any concerns.

X 1 Female Dhol Player | 1 hour | Starting FIXED price £150*

*Depending on location

Contact Eternal Taal now via email to reserve your Dhol Drummers