We provide a variety of ladies sangeet services which will cater for any ladies only event whatever the occasion. All our sangeet performers are female and we have various packages that will ensure you make the right decision in booking the best for your event.

We have various packages which will enable you to have a more fixed booking at various prices.

– Traditional Jaggo entrance (jaggo accessories included)
– Traditional/modern dance/boliyan set
– Ladies sangeet at the house/marquee/hall
– Nanaki/dhadki boliyan/banter
– Female dholki player
– Female DJ for ladies dinner dances/evenings
– Female Bollywood singer
– Mehndi Artist

Ladies sangeet packages can be booked at any one time for parties, birthdays, charity events, dinner and dances, ladies only events, sangeet nights and many more.  We have 2 sets of singers, one is a traditional sit ladies sangeet singer and one is a modern upbeat boliyan singer.  Depending on your crowd both can be available for your function.

Traditional Ladies Sangeet (Sit down) 

X 1 Singer | 1.5  hour hire | Dholki | PA system* | Starting FIXED price £550**

X 2 Singers | 2 hours | Dholki | PA system* | Starting FIXED price £650**

*PA system for in house events only

**Depending on location

Modern Ladies Sangeet (Interactive stand up) 

X 1 Singer | 1/1.5 hour | Dhol player | Starting FIXED price £500*

*Depending on location