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Parv Kaur – Founder/Manager

Started: 1999

Why did you start Eternal Taal: To promote and perform Bhangra Music to Wider audiences and showcase Female talent worldwide

First Performance: Yamla Jatt ceremony 1997 with Bhujhangy Group

Most Memorable Performance: Performing at the LG Arena infront of 15,000 people for the opening of the Graham Norton Christmas Show

Sangeeta Kohli – Drummer

Joined: 2011

Why you joined: I couldn’t let an opportunity pass to be taught by a talented and amazing female, Parv Kaur.  I’d never heard of or seen such a female Dhol player, who was so inspiring.  Not to mention having the chance to be part of a team that values your hard work and dedication equally to that of a male in an industry that is patriarchal.

First Performance: Children in Need Birmingham Pavilion

Most Memorable Performance: Every performance for me is memorable, no matter how small or big.  Every moment spent performing on a platform wearing the Eternal Taal uniform for me is a treasured memory.  However, I will never forget performing in Switzerland.  It may not be as big as Bollywood and Glastonbury, but having not been in the group too long at the time, I felt honoured and privileged to have been approached and given my first opportunity abroad by the group.  Its then I realised, hard work pays off and is noticed.

Aneeka Rattu – Dancer

Joined: 2013

Why you joined: To learn basic moves in Bhangra Dancing

First Performance: The Fort Shopping Centre Christmas Show

Most Memorable Performance: Glastonbury Festival

Amrita Kaur Bains – Dancer/Drummer

Joined: 2012

Why you joined: By accident I came across Eternal Taal as initially my brother was learning dhol and I saw female dhol players in the classes and I decided that I wanted to be part of this group.

First Performance: The Bollywood Film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’

Most Memorable Performance: Glastonbury Festival

Anjali – Dancer/Drummer


Why you joined:

First Performance:

Most Memorable Performance:

Jassi Rooprai Batth – Drummer

Joined: Feb 2016

Why you joined: Good Background of hardwork and ultimate passion.  Want to enhance my enjoyment to play the most famous instrument of all, with some great talented Females.

First Performance: Thetford Cricket Club

Most Memorable Performance: Thetford Cricket Club

Tanya Rathore- Drummer

Joined: 2015

Why you joined: I want to showcase my passion of music and love playing the Dhol. I have an inspirational teacher, Parv Kaur and always wanted to part of the Eternal Taal Team performing to a variety of audiences and promoting girl power!

First Performance: India Independence Day Community event

Most Memorable Performance: Performing at the National Bhangra Festival along with 4 other Eternal Taal Team members.

Lina – Drummer / Dancer

Joined: 2014

Why you joined: I saw Parv Kaur (Manager of eternal Taal) perform at my school assembly and was blown away with her performance. I have never seen Female Dhol Drummers before and this made me want to join as I love music so much.

First Performance: London Mela 2015

Most Memorable Performance: Performing on the sets of a Bollywood Film, it was amazing!

Ali – Drummer


Why you joined:

First Performance:

Most Memorable Performance:

Dylan – Drummer


Why you joined:

First Performance:

Most Memorable Performance: