Ambassador – Music For All

We are so proud and honoured that our founder and manager Parv Kaur has been selected as an ambassador of ‘Music for all’.

At Music for all, it is believed that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to learn to play music. Sadly, many people are not fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments or ways to help them to learn and discover. This is where Music for all and Parv come in.

At Music for all, nearly all of us are musicians, involved in the musical instrument industry or both. So we really know first-hand what an amazing effect making music can have on people’s lives. We see everybody from disadvantaged young people blossoming at school through to older adults discovering music, sometimes for the first time, much later on in life.

Parv Kaur will be taking part in various events, encouraging diversity and getting the wider community involved in various musical projects with Music for all. Not only has she already promoted Bhangra music over the last 25 years but has also development a firm foundation in establishing her own music over the last 18 years. In a very male dominating industry like the Bhangra industry, Parv Kaur has really taken a leap into success with extending her passion worldwide on platforms like The Glastonbury Festival, The West End, House of Commons, Bollywood and much more. Being UK’s FIRST Female Dhol Player and introducing UK’s first Female Dhol Drumming Team, Eternal Taal, Parv has embarked on a musical journey growing her team from strength to strength. By getting her foot into the industry, Parv has paved the way for other females over the recent years and continues to be an inspiration for many.

We can’t wait to see more of what Parv Kaur can bring to the young generations and how she continues to promote music worldwide.


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