In a male dominated industry, Parv Kaur founded Eternal Taal and gave a platform to women where they could express themselves through music. Being an innovator and leader in the industry, Parv has welcomed many women into Eternal Taal and set the bar high.

Just recently she has appeared on the BBC news website’s Entertainment and Arts section, and has her very own video. Showcasing her incredible skills and telling her story, you can get a real feel for her passion and how hard she has worked for female dhol drummers.

In the video she explains how she faced judgements from others, but quickly turned heads once she picked up the drums. Whilst female dhol drummers are somewhat of a rarity, Parv quickly gained a large following and Eternal Taal went from strength to strength.

Starting out on small stages, Eternal Taal were soon appearing on larger stages and making a real name for themselves. Appearing at The House of Commons, The Graham Norton Show and making it big in Bollywood, it’s clear to see just how much Parv’s hard work has paid off.

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