Bhangra fuses both music and dance in a colourful, lively display of entertainment. Originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan, Bhangra has evolved and now combines many different types of music, from folk to reggae. Bhangra music and Bhangra dancers perform across the UK, and the industry is more popular than ever.

Do you want to hire Bhangra dancers to perform at your event? Why not let award-winning group Eternal Taal perform for your guests?

Recognised for our contribution to Bhangra music in the UK, Eternal Taal has performed at many high profile events, including Glastonbury Festival. Whether for a wedding, festival, concert or private event, we can develop a routine to perform for your guests.

We combine the traditional elements of Bhangra dance while performing to the latest Bhangra songs. Alternatively, we can arrange our own dance routine to suit you and your guests.

If you’re looking for Bhangra dancers to perform at your event, choose Eternal Taal.

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