Dressed in brightly-coloured and authentic costumes, Indian Dhol drummers will bring energy and vibrancy to any event. A unique style of drumming, it’s all about the rhythm and all about the spectacle when it comes to Indian Dhol drumming. Whether you’re holding a street festival, a wedding, a summer party or a charity event, Dhol drummers will be all you need to entertain your guests.

You’ll want your event to be a success, and you’ll want your guests to have a good time. What’s an essential ingredient of a successful event? Musical entertainment. With Dhol drummers in attendance you can expect real entertainment and a great response from your guests.

Have you yet to hear Eternal Taal work their magic? We’ve performed at a whole host of events, so we know how to adapt to fit the mood and setting of different venues and occasions. We’ll always aim to exceed your expectations. 

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