The entertainment is what all the guests enjoy. It marks the culmination of a special day when everyone can take their hats off and let their hair down. There’s food, there’s beverage, there’s musical entertainment of some form, there’s conversation and there’s celebration among friends and family. The wedding reception allows everyone to dance and pass the night away in laughter and celebration.

Still undecided about your wedding entertainment? Why not choose Eternal Taal and our Dhol players? The Eternal Taal team is available for weddings, concerts and other occasions, including private functions and parties. We’ll put together a routine which pleases your guests and which is perfect for your wedding.

If you’d like us to perform at your wedding, we’ll provide the best level of entertainment in line with what you want for your special day. Live music and performance is always the better option, and there’s nothing quite like having Dhol players providing the entertainment.

You can’t go wrong with Eternal Taal. Our all-female line-up has thrilled audiences across the UK on numerous occasions, and we aim for the same with your wedding guests.