BBC News Feature

Watch our 18 YEAR journey being celebrated on such a PRESTIGIOUS platform – BBC WORLD NEWS! Since establishing her team ETERNAL TAAL in 1999, our dilligent #Founder and #Manager PARV KAUR has worked and continues to work hard endlessly to abolish the stereotypical cliché’s in an industry that is MALE DOMINATED. Many people have come and gone. Many have tried to bring us down and may continue to. Many have said we’ll never succeed and many refuse to acknowledge our success.. But in this dillusional world of HATE and JEALOUSY, they fail to see that these remarks only drive us to ACHIEVE MORE and BE BETTER. Whilst many are content with their repetitive performing platforms, Eternal Taal refuse to be stuck in that boring monotonous circle and strive to #PROMOTE BHANGRA MUSIC to WIDER AUDIENCES. Our dedication towards this has given us the likes of #BOLLYWOOD, #BBC, #CHANNEL4, GRAHAM NORTON SHOW and much more – And this is by no means where we’ll stop! Hear Parv’s STRUGGLES and how she has OVERCOME obstacles that not many persist to overcome in this segment dedicated to this SUCCESSFUL WOMAN & her SUCCESSFUL TEAM.