Channel 5 series – Jane Mcdonald and Friends

Eternal Taal female Dhol players and Bhangra dancers have always had a unique element about their success since they established in 1999. They not only promote Bhangra on a world wide scale, but highlight the importance of how one person with one dream can accomplish so much. With the continued hard work and innovative ideas of Parv Kaur, the founder; the team has been blessed with opportunities many only dream of. It was then inevitable, that Parv’s diligence would not go unnoticed.

It began when Parv’s 25 year journey in the Bhangra industry featured on BBC World News in 2017. The video went viral across the world, giving her further global exposure, but It didn’t stop there.

She continued to hold her head up high when her and her team were awarded ‘Best Asian/World Act’ at the Birmingham Music Awards 2018.

Already having shared the screen with some of the world’s most exclusive TV stars such as Graham Norton, Dermot O’Leary, Gurinder Chadha to name a few, Eternal Taal have now featured with Channel 5’s Jane McDonald.

‘Jane and Friends’ is a new TV series airing on Channel 5 and is being hosted by the singer, actress and media personality, Jane McDonald. Jane surprises original members of the public who have done good deeds for the community. Parv was approached by Channel 5 after expressing their delight with Eternal Taal’s work ethic and ethos, along with all that Parv has achieved at such a young age. Parv Kaur has broken barriers as the first female Dhol player in the UK to be performing non stop for 25 years. Not only has she established UK’s first female Dhol team, but she has taken the team on the worlds most high profile stages. She has been awarded:

–       ‘Contribution to Bhangra Music in the UK’ by the House of commons 2010

–       ‘Best Asian/World Act’ by the Birmingham Music Awards 2018

–       Ambassador of the Music Charity ‘Music for all’ and ‘World Bhangra Council’

–       Her and her team have also been nominated for various other awards like ‘Best Dhol Team’ ‘Young Entrepreneur’ ‘Best in Arts and Culture’ ‘Best Wedding Entertainment’ and many more.


Assuming it was a usual performance at Dhol class for TV, Parv didn’t think much of it. Little did she know that Jane was hiding in another room. She was astonished when Jane McDonald came bursting through the doors with her camera crew to congratulate Parv on her 25 year journey. The team were aware but Parv was oblivious.

Jane very quickly joined in with the teams atmosphere and even managed to play a little dhol and screw some light bulbs with the team. The BAFTA Award winning personality invited Eternal Taal to join her on the sets of ‘Jane and Friends’ in Manchester and awarded Parv with a cruise to Miami and the Caribbean for two. The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it is something they’d never forget.

Do check out our feature on Channel 5 and don’t forget to watch all the backstage footage on our YouTube channel: Eternal Taal