Dubai Women’s Run

Parv Kaur has been a name known in the UK Bhangra industry for the past 18 years. A young woman who began her musical journey in 1993, has made her mark in the UK as being the first female Dhol drummer. In 1999 she created a team that was the first of its kind – A female Dhol team, Eternal Taal. Consistently, with her dedication and diligence, Parv has built her team Eternal Taal from strength to strength, and it has not gone unnoticed. Her stellar achievements have been recognised by the likes of The House of Commons in 2010, Bollywood, Glastonbury Festival and continues to be recognised. She’s managed to accomplish all this alongside being a lecturer in computer science over the last 15 years and continues to achieve great success in her professional career too.

Recently, Parv Kaur featured on the BBC in a segment where they presented her 24 year musical journey to the world. This left her and her entire team extremely proud. The video has since gone viral and many articles have and continue to branch off from the video both from the UK and internationally.

Following on from this recent popularity, The Sikh Channel Aid have added to their happiness. Kaur has been carefully selected to be part of the 20 inspirational Sikh women to represent the UK for a run in Dubai. The Sikh Channel Aid raises funds for various humanitarian projects around the world, and this year have chosen Parv to help them. “I never go running. But when The Sikh Channel approached me I thought, why not? It’s for a great cause and I cannot wait to do my bit for charity. Eternal Taal did a sky dive for Khalsa Aid in 2013 and this is a great achievement to add to the list for the team” Parv added. It is an opportunity not many receive, and Parv is already tying her laces tight and training for her 5K run in Dubai on the 17th November 2017. Each Sikh woman taking part is encouraged to raise £1000 which will be donated to various humanitarian projects. Both Parv Kaur and Eternal Taal humbly request you all to donate whatever you can, however big or small the amount, for this brilliant project. Click on the link below and dig deep into those pockets. A sincere thank you in advance.