Learn Bhangra Fitness

Let’s get those hearts pumping, those bodies shaking and minds stretching in our live stream workouts! Eternal Taal are bringing fitness and wellbeing to the next level with music that’s going to have you singing and dancing all day!

Whether you want better fitness, improved dance moves or just want some fun during the lockdown period our live streamed workshops is where to be.

We have classes to offer everyone, anywhere in the world, starting from ages 4+, you can move at your own pace, stretch your limits or simply tune in and nod to the sounds of the music elevating through your screens and speakers from anywhere in the world!

Bhangra can help sweat out those old habits and heaviness, when the dhol drummers start playing their dhol’s it becomes inevitable to start moving those shoulders up and down and there you have it, your workout has already started.

Bhangra traditionally originated in the Northern regions of India, to celebrate the harvest that now embraces western dance and contemporary influences. Bhangra dancing has so many health benefits stemming from a cardio / HITT workout, it helps you burn calories, enhances heart function and increases stamina. Bhangra certainly finds a way to target areas of your body that you may not have realised it could.

So let’s shake off those lockdown frowns and move to the sounds of our everlasting beats.

Navigate through our website to find out more information or don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime!