Meet The Team

Parv Kaur – Founder/Manager

Started: I started enjoying music from a very young age as my Father was heavily into the Bhangra Music Industry. So by the age of 10/11 (1993) when music was in the school curriculum that is when I knew music was for me. By the age of 12 I was so influenced by Music that I chose it at GCSE and achieved an A* for playing the Dhol and Piano. When I left school in 1999 I started my own Dhol Team, Eternal Taal.

Why did you start Eternal Taal: Being the first and only FEMALE musician in the UK that would play at functions, I knew their was a gap in the market for Female Bhangra Musicians. This is when I decided to promote and perform Bhangra Music to Wider audiences and showcase Female talent worldwide. In the last 18 years establishing Eternal Taal (1999) we have performed all over Europe and on mainstream TV such as the BBC, Channel 4, Zee TV, B4U music and many more high profile platforms.

First Performance: Yamla Jatt ceremony 1995 with Bhujhangy Group

Most Memorable Performance: Performing at the LG Arena infront of 15,000 people for the opening of the Graham Norton Christmas Show

Sangeeta Kohli – Drummer

Joined: 2011

Why you joined: I couldn’t let an opportunity pass to be taught by a talented and amazing female, Parv Kaur.  I’d never heard of or seen such a female Dhol player, who was so inspiring.  Not to mention having the chance to be part of a team that values your hard work and dedication equally to that of a male in an industry that is patriarchal.

First Performance: Children in Need Birmingham Pavilion

Most Memorable Performance: Every performance for me is memorable, no matter how small or big.  Every moment spent performing on a platform wearing the Eternal Taal uniform for me is a treasured memory.  However, I will never forget performing in Switzerland.  It may not be as big as Bollywood and Glastonbury, but having not been in the group too long at the time, I felt honoured and privileged to have been approached and given my first opportunity abroad by the group.  Its then I realised, hard work pays off and is noticed.

Sandi Jandu – Drummer

Joined: July 2019

Why you joined: During my yearly charitable events I met Parv Kaur in Dubai 2017 as part of a sponsorship from the Sikh Channel for the ‘Dubai Women’s Run.’ It was the first time I’d seen an Asian woman play the Indian drum; the ‘Dhol’ on stage. I was fascinated by this and knew that I wanted to be affiliated with the passion being projected on stage, the sound and rhythm of the Dhol and the diverse and cultural ethos of the team. As a professional in my working career playing the Dhol gives me an energy that is deep rooted from my aspirations of wanting to play a drum kit at a very young age but due to certain set backs I was unable to pursue my passion until now.

First Performance: ‘Arts in the Park’ Sutton Coldfield. I remember feeling like a baby swan being set loose in fresh lake waters. I played independently for a workshop being presented by one of our team members and feeling overwhelmed by the immense amount of supporters partaking in the workshop dancing to the sound of my Dhol being played.

Most Memorable Performance: Following my weekly lessons with Parv I was asked to perform alongside team members for Europe’s largest media company Sky. To this very day I can still remember the adrenaline, my smile projecting from ear to ear and the cold crisp air of being filmed whilst playing outside in the British winter season. There have been many humble and exciting performances that I have been involved in to date, such as playing in one of my favourite cities in the world, New York. But this being one of my first corporate performances will always remain a vivid memory as it was the first time I got to play with the team and for a corporate client.

Amrita Kaur Bains – Dancer/Drummer

Joined: 2012

Why you joined: By accident I came across Eternal Taal as like most other people it was my brother who was going to learn dhol, but it all took a big switch when I saw that the lead/teacher was a female along with other girls learning the art of Dhol in class. It was exhilarating seeing women playing the Dhol and I wanted to be one of those women playing in a male dominated industry and here I am today in that exact place that was once a frowned up for women to be in the industry!

First Performance: The Bollywood Film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’

Most Memorable Performance: Picking just one is too hard for me. The amount of opportunities I have been given through being a part of the team from such a young age has been unbelievable. Can you say at the age of 13 years old, that you have performed at the Glastonbury Festival, New York and the Cricket World Cup and so much more. This is why every performance for me is memorable.

Sharon Virk – Dancer

Bhangra dancer


Why you joined: It was Parv’s energy, passion, drive and ability to promote Sikh culture through music and performance that initially interested me to Eternal Taal. Dancing has always been something I wanted to do and Eternal Taal has allowed me to pursue my passion in dancing.

First Performance: My very first performance was a sangeet night; a ladies traditional event before marriage.

Most Memorable Performance: .My most memorable performance so far in my short journey with Eternal Taal was London Festival (Greenwich). Seeing a diverse audience dancing to the sounds of the Dhol and watching us perform was an amazing feeling.

Anushka Sharma – Dancer

Joined: 2021

Why you joined: Having extensive background in Bollywood and contemporary dance I have always wanted to perform and learn other styles of dance. The energy and excitement I get from performing is something I was missing, this is when I came across Parv, Eternal Taal and the world of Bhangra dance. After a few sessions I loved the style, energy and the moves and also met some amazing people. I am so glad I came across Eternal Taal.

First Performance: A Ladies sangeet night in Bradford.

Most Memorable Performance: I have too many to choose from we have performed at birthdays, parades and large festivals. I have to say it’s great to see the audience engage with us and take part. This definitely makes each performance very memorable for me.

Ria Lal – Dancer

Joined: 2021

Why you joined: My dad initially came across the Eternal Taal page on snapchat and showed me the ad to audition. This really interested me as I love dancing and I wanted to try out something new and thought this was an opportunity not to miss. I’ve been dancing since I was very young so I always knew it was something I wanted to do professionally.

First Performance: It was in Bradford for wedding party in-front of a big crowd, I was so nervous but I overcame that as the shows went on.

Most Memorable Performance: As I am new to this, every performance has been memorable and I can’t wait to go to even more new places with the team and make more memories.

Kirpa – Drummer


Why you joined:

First Performance: 

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