The UK Bhangra industry is a male dominating music entertainment field which has excelled hugely since the 1980’s.  But one group that has excited crowds from the UK and abroad is a FEMALE only Entertainments Team, called Eternal Taal.

Founded and managed by UK’s First Female Dhol Player and award winner Parv Kaur, Eternal Taal has not only set standards in the UK Bhangra industry, but has also broken through the non – Asian industry, performing to wider audiences and educating people about Bhangra music.

Her love for music turned into her passion and her passion into reality, Parv Kaur’s musical journey has wowed audiences around the globe with her unique Female only Bhangra Entertainments Team. Celebrating 25 years in 2018, Parv has some record breaking facts for you all:-

– UK’s FIRST FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to have established her own Dhol group in 1999
– UK’s ONLY FEMALE DHOL PLAYER whose team has performed in three mainstream Bollywood films alongside her
– UK’s FIRST and ONLY FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to have performed at The Glastonbury Festival 5 times
– UK’s FIRST FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to have been awarded by the House of Commons for her ‘Contribution to UK Bhangra’ 2010
– UK’s FIRST FEMALE DHOL PLAYER who has been playing CONTINUOUSLY since beginning her dhol career, and is celebrating 25 years of being in the Bhangra Music industry in 2018
– UK’s FIRST FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to have started Dhol classes in 1999 and is still teaching 18 years later
– UK’s FIRST FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to be chosen as an AMBASSADOR of a NON ASIAN music organisation (Music For All)
– UK’s FIRST FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to have performed infront of 20,000 people at the LG ARENA for Graham Norton’s Christmas Show.
– UK’s ONLY FEMALE DHOL PLAYER to have been named one of the 100 MASTERS in the BLACK COUNTRY
– ONLY FEMALE DHOL PLAYER in the UK to have been named one of 350 INSPIRATIONAL SIKH WOMEN in the UK

Balbir-Singh-BhujhangyAwards1980sParv Kaur is the daughter of Guinness Book Record holder (2011) Balbir Singh, who is the lead singer of a Bhangra band called Bhujhangy Group who started their musical journey in 1964. Growing up in a musical family, Parv soon realised that her life is going to be dedicated to music.

In 1999, Parv started her own Bhangra drumming classes called Eternal Taal meaning Everlasting Beats.  Students all over the Midlands joined and soon enough with hard work, weekly classes and a committed group, these students will perform as a Team on the largest stages in the world.

With such recognition in the industry and dedication shown by Parv’s Eternal Taal they have performed on the biggest stages in the world, such as Glastonbury Festival, House of Commons 2010, Graham Norton show LG ARENA, Dermot O’Leary’s 24 hour Dance-A-Thon for BBC’s Comic Relief 2015, 3 mainstream Bollywood films, Channel Four’s series Ackley Bridge, The West End and many more which can be viewed on our previous performances page of the site.

Parv Kaur’s work has been recognised globally and in 2010 she was awarded the ‘Contribution of Bhangra music in the UK’ award from the House of Commons.  The BBC were amazed with Parv’s work over the last 25 years and showcased her musical journey on the BBC World News in which the interview went viral across the world (  She has also been nominated for other awards which you can view on the Achievements page of the site.

This group has truly shown how success is carried by hard work and an experienced dedicated teacher. Parv and her group are consistently training and preparing for all the new opportunities arising from the coming years.

‘Our aim is to promote and perform Bhangra music to wider audiences, whether it is a small stage or a high profile stage, Eternal Taal will ensure we bring our beats (Taal) to the stage’